The Centre for Sustainable Polymers (CSP) at IIT Guwahati has been established with the aim to impart teaching, conduct research (fundamental and applied) and to provide industrial support in various facets of sustainable polymeric materials and related technologies. The
Centre has ambitious plans to grow into a leading centre in the country catering to the training and research needs of the Indian polymer sector and contributing to the international research in the sustainable polymers. It is expected that the rapid growth of the plastic sectors and the challenges imposed by environmental constraints will need specially trained engineers and researchers in the area of sustainable polymers. The Centre is offering Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Master of Science (Research) [MS(R)] programs in Polymer Science and Technology.

With excellent academic environment at IIT Guwahati, it is perceived that these unique programs would become a focal point in the research and development of sustainable polymers. Both the programs are designed to provide a rigorous background on the theoretical as well as practical aspects of sustainable polymers. The diverse interests of the faculty associated with the Centre will provide an opportunity to the students to learn and contribute in any subfield of their interest. The Ph.D. program will help create skilled human resources to carry out cutting edge research in this area. With enormous renewable feedstock available in Northeast India, the students of CSP will be in a unique position to harness this benefit and offer innovative deliverable solutions for the development and application of sustainable polymers. Additionally, this geographical advantage would also provide them an avenue to explore entrepreneurship opportunities and contribute to the development of this region. The industry professionals enrolled in the MS(R) program will also act as an excellent interlink between academia and industry.